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Make Your Home Safer From Burglary

Purchase a home security/alarm system Purchasing an alarm system will give you the extra layer of security, it will be able to keep your family safe from potential break ins. Some alarms systems will alert the home owner & also the police if you do not enter the pin inside of your property or answer the call from the alarm company.

Keep all doors and windows locked Keeping all your doors & windows locked might steer thieves away. If you leave them open they will sneak into your home & could take your house keys & might try & come back later while your sleeping. Some insurance companies don’t pay out if your home is robbed & you have left your door or windows unlocked even by mistake.

CCTV security system Having a cctv security system around your property is a great choice. Having a good quality cctv system means you can monitor activities, collect evidence if needed, deters criminals & you can save any videos that you think are suspicious. Once installed you can rely on your cctv for years to come just occasionally giving them a wipe clean.

Use a light timer Simply leaving a light on while your away might make outsiders suspicious as they will think why is your light on during the day. Having a light timer will give you the options of having a specific schedule or you can set them to stay on for a certain amount of time. This also ensures that burglars think someone is home during the night.

Install security lights Having motion security lights will automatically switch on when it senses motion or movement when something comes into range. Having a good motion security light will light up the front or rear of your house so you can directly see if you can see something. Once a burglar sees you have a bright light high chance they will just walk away.

Keep your out buildings locked Keeping your home secure is the main priority but keeping your outbuildings and sheds locked away should be a priority too. Your sheds normally contain high valuables like power tools, lawnmowers & outdoor furniture. Thieves find these of high value to them so always keep them locked & secured.

Keep your house/car keys away from the letterbox Some burglars use certain tools like hooks, poles & magnets to steal your keys if they are kept near to your letterbox or on a hook by your front door. You can purchase a signal blocking pouch for your keyless entry car key so you don’t be a victim of a relay attack.

Stay off social media while on holiday Once your on your holiday you might want to start updating your social media it can increase the risk of being burgled. Burglars who see your posts while your on holiday will only desire them to break into your home knowing no one is at home. Enjoy your holiday and upload your adventures once you get home.

Don’t leave ladders outside Leaving ladders outside your property can be seen as an open invitation for the burglars to climb through your windows. Always keep your ladders inside or in a locked shed.

Ask someone to collect your post Having your post on display especially if you have a glass door/porch will only tell the burglars you haven’t been home since morning post so try to get someone to collect your post. You could install a letter box post catcher, that way the letters will be hidden.