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Ways To get Free Letter From Santa

Every year kids look forward to Christmas day so why not make it extra special for them and get them a letter from Santa just for them.

Royal Mail Letter From Santa

You can get a letter from Santa by the royal mail the deadline is to send your letter is 11:59pm on Friday 10th December but you have a better chance if you send it before this date. You will need to post your letter with a stamp so its not technically free and inside the envelope make sure you write your kids full names and addresses so Santa will know where to send his reply. Royal mail has also said they will not guarantee you will get a letter back due to the high demand. Santa might be able to reply in braille or even large print if your kids need this option just make sure to include it in the envelope.
You will have to send your letter to:
Santa/Father Christmas
Santa’s Grotto
If you want a reply in Welsh, send your letter to:
Sion Corn
Ogof Sion Corn
Gwlad Y Ceirw

RNIB Free Braille Letter

Royal Institute of Blind People (RINIB) help Santa to reply to children who need braille letters so all you have to do is fill in the free application form online on their website. The form will give you a choice of what format you want the reply in:
-English or Welsh
-Braille – uncontracted
-Braille – contracted
-Large print – please specify what front size
-Audio CD
-Email (16 point letter attachment)

Please send the letter and completed online form to:
Santa Claus
Northminster House

The deadline for Braille letters is Wednesday 1st December, if you miss the postal deadline you will have an extra three weeks to send your letter by email. The deadline for the email is Wednesday 22nd December, the email to email the letter is and you will receive the reply via email too. On RNIB website they do accept donations so if you have a bit of spare change try to make a donation if possible.

NSPCC £5 Personalised Letter From Santa

If you go on the NSPCC site you can make a £5 donation and you can receive a £5 personalised letter from Santa for one of your kids, there will be eight different themes to choose from. The deadline for ordering it by post is Thursday 9th December.

Free Santa Video

Portable north pole website lets you send friends and family free personalised Santa videos, it will ask you to upload photos of yourself and the recipient and a picture of the gift they want to receive this Christmas. You can download the app and you can even have a paid version.