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Volvo Now Offers Free Puncture & Windscreen Repairs For Its Customers


Volvo has now announced that all their customers can now get tyre punctures and windscreen repairs done for free regardless of the vehicles age from their dealerships. This announcement is the first of its kind in the car industry, Volvo has said that it is aimed to getting the Volvo owners back on the road as quickly and as safely as soon as its possible. The Swedish company which is owned by Chinese firm Geely, says the initiative will ‘help keep its cars in safe condition’, with the brand synonymous with safety and setting ambitious targets to reduce road casualties.

Volvo owners who want to take advantage of the new scheme can bring their Volvo into any Volvo dealership where their professional technicians will take a look and check to see if a repair is possible to carry out on the spot. In most instances this can be done on the spot for most of its customers, if it isn’t possible to carry out the simple repair the technician will advise the customer what to do and also to arrange for a new tyre or a widescreen repair to be fitted when necessary.

Kristian Elvefors the managing director of Volvo Car UK said: “As well as reducing the nuisance factor of minor damage, this new service helps keep cars safe in condition and, in the case of windscreens, can prevent chips leading to cracks and more costly replacements. We value all Volvo drivers, no matter how old their car might be, and this new service is the perfect way to help them stay safe, secure and mobile.”

Volvo Cars UK says the tyre and windscreen damage is becoming an ‘all too common’ hazard as a result of pothole-riddled roads up and down the country.

For tyres repairs, Volvo warns it would not be able to offer its complimentary service if there is:
Less than 1.5mm of tread across the central three-quarters of the tyre; secondary damage caused by the injuring
Object; ageing/deterioration of the tyre; any bead damage; an exposed cord; or a faulty/poor previous repair.

If a chip in the glass falls outside of the necessary requirements, Volvo says it can offer a replacement service-at a cost, of course.

Volvo is one of the car makers taking a leading role in improving safety standards as part of its Vision 2020 project, which has a headline aim for there to be zero fatalities in its cars.

Volvo became the first car manufacture from the beginning of 2020 to fit all of its new vehicles with speed limiters, restricting top speeds to 112mph. Volvo also offers a Safe Key system where owners can set their vehicles to travel no faster that specified speeds-as low as 31mph when the user of that particular key is at the controls. Volvo is also planning to install cameras in all of its cars to measure if a driver is falling asleep at the wheel.