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UK Council Will Pay Smokers £400 To Quit Cigarettes

The new pilot which is taking place in Cheshire which will pay £200 to smokers to quit and £400 to pregnant ladies to quit smoking. The move is from the England-based local authority and could form a part of a national blueprint going forward.

The smokers would have to take exhaled carbon monoxide tests to confirm they were quitting and would be paid in instalments.

East Council Stated: “Robust evidence demonstrates that financial incentive schemes are an effective method of helping people to quit.
“In Cheshire East, approximately 10.5% of the general population and 10.8% of pregnant residents (at the time of birth) smoke.
“These rates are similar to or worse than the national average and are no longer declining.
“Smoking is the most important modifiable risk factor in pregnancy and can lead to miscarriage, premature and stillbirth, and cot death.”

The research for the scheme said that for every £1 invested in such a scheme, the council would see a return of £4 from reduced need in other local services, as people quit smoking and become healthier. The total budget for the scheme is £116.500 and the committee will discuss the plan and go before the council in July, 2022.