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Twelve Summer Garden Gadgets

Summer time is just around the corner for everyone that wants to enjoy the sunshine in their garden while basking in the sun there are plenty of gadgets out there to make enjoying the sun more fun. Here are ten summer garden gadgets to make summer more fun for everyone:

Garden Hammock

Having a hammock in the garden in the summer is a wonderful thing to have, you can have a two person hammock or a single hammock what ever one you fancy. If its too hot in the night inside your house and you don’t mind sleeping outside you can enjoy sleeping in your hammock in the night while its cooler than inside your house. Having a hammock is also very relaxing while you are in it you can rock yourself to soothe you and have a nap or you can just wrap yourself up in the hammock and read or a book or even star gaze!

Inflatable Outdoor Movie Screen

Having an inflatable outdoor movie screen is a great purchase as they are quite easy to set up and they are also small once they deflate to put away in your house cupboard or garage. If you buy a decent quality one they can even play 4K and also doesn’t have any lights shining through the back or the front so you can watch what you want and have no problem with having light issues interrupting the movie. The bonus of having a outdoor movie screen is you don’t even have to set it up in the summer you can have it out all year round while there is no rain and kind of warm enough if not grab some blankets and a water bottle and enjoy watching a movie in the garden in the winter. Don’t forget the popcorn & snacks!

Bug Zapper Racket

Having a electric bug zapper racket in summer is a great tool to keep away all them bugs and mosquitos from biting you in summer. Its best to use the bug zapper outside as when you zap bugs they explode and you don’t want them exploding inside your house and the bug leftovers getting all over your surfaces and on the floor. If you buy a rechargeable one there will be no need to buy batteries just have to plug it in and use it.

Solar Umbrella

A solar umbrella is a gadget that is useful to protect you from the burning direct sunlight, being a solar umbrella it will be automatically charged by the sunlight and it is self-reliant. It can also be opened and closed automatically using a remote control, once it turns into night time you and your friends can still enjoy the warm summer nights outside in the garden while your umbrella will give your solar powered LEDs.

Vacuum Bug Spider

With it being summer time and all the spiders decide to invade your house and get out the heat you can buy a vacuum spider bug which captures spiders humanely so you don’t need to kill them, once you recover them into the vacuum you can allow them to be put outside in the garden or nearby bush. This sweet little gadget can get into all cracks and cervices and even under your bed and behind the cupboards.

Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

Having a outdoor Bluetooth speaker is a great way to enjoy summer nights especially when you have friends over or you throw a barbecue for friends and family. You can buy ones that are also waterproof just in case it starts to rain while your using it outside or if your in a hot tub or swimming pool.

Rolling Cooler

Want to keep your drinks nice and cool in the summer while your out in the garden enjoying the warm summer days you can buy a rolling cooler that you can wheel around the garden. If you want to buy a good quality one you can place you champagne bottles or wine bottles inside and some can even fit 100 cans inside including cheese’s, delis and your treats.

Solar LED Lighting

Solar LED lights can make a great addition to your garden and instead of having plug in lights or battery lights it will save you plenty of money as with solar lights they charge all day in the sun and stay lit for around 8 hours during the night. It will make your garden feel warm and welcoming especially during the beautiful summer nights, some of the solar powered lights can come with motion censored so if something comes within its view it will automatically come on.

Robotic Lawn mower

The robotic lawn mowers can be a great addition when you have plenty of grass in your garden to keep under control, some of these robotic lawn mowers are mostly affordable so you don’t have to fork out an big amount of money for one of these things. The robotic lawn mowers can actually reduce the amount of yard work you have to do and the high quality ones can actually make your grass grow thicker and denser. Some lawn mowers make the grass clippings into invisible dust so there is no waste and the grass cuttings are returned to your lawn and will keep your lawn moist and lush.

Outdoor Patio Propane Heater

A patio heater is great all year around but its great on the summer nights when it is wonderfully warm during the day but in the evenings it can get quite chilly. The patio heater can keep you warm without having to grab a load of blankets and water bottles especially when you have friends and family round and you haven’t got enough blankets to give to everyone. Most heaters come with built to last durable, weather-resistant components which can include rust, fade and corrosion resistant silver and brown finish. The heater is also there to withstand extreme climates, harsh sun and abrasive salt air. Some of the good quality ones come with a built in safety valve that will automatically shut off the fuel supply(shutting the heater off) if the unit is tipped or tilted so its great to have this feature.

Garden Pizza Oven

If your not too much into barbecuing and want to bring a new skill to your cooking and it will make your garden look wonderful, the wood fire garden pizza oven is fantastic for all your friends and family to make pizza in the garden instead of cooking in the hot kitchen and a hot summers day. Most of the pizza ovens will have a built in temperature gauge and also wheels and handles so you can easily move it around your garden.

Portable BBQ Charcoal Grill

Having a BBQ will be a great addition to your garden when our throwing a BBQ party with friends and family, instead of cooking inside and being away keeping an eye on your food and being away from your party friends. With this outdoor BBQ you can have a great time in the sun and be around your friends and family while cooking and have a great party.