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The Motability Scheme

The motability scheme gives you a simple way of leasing a car, scooter or a powered wheelchair without the stress of owning one or running one. The scheme began in 1978 and has helped millions of disabled people and families regain their own independence. Motability, as a national charity, may be able to help provide grants to disabled people who would otherwise be unable to afford their own vehicle, adaptations or driving lessons they need. You will be only paying for the lease of the vehicle(it won’t belong to you). If You stop receiving your benefit, you will have to return it.

How to check if your eligible?

You can get a motability vehicle if you have been rewarded:
  • The higher rate mobility component of disability living allowance(DLA).
  • War pensions mobility supplement(WPMS).
  • The enhanced rate mobility component of personal independence payment(PIP).
  • Armed forces independent payment(AFIP). If you decide to apply for the scheme you must have at least twelve months left on your benefits. You can’t apply for the scheme if you’re getting DLA and the DWP have wrote to you telling you that you need to apply for PIP. Carers and parents can drive on behalf of the disabled person, so parents of the children and non-drivers can apply to join. The vehicle must be used by, or for the benefit of the disabled person. You can choose up to two people to drive on your behalf. It’s possible to claim for a monthly vehicle for a child who is aged three or over.

Paying for the vehicle With mobility all or part of your mobility allowance will go directly to mobility operations Ltd for the period of the lease. Depending on the vehicle you lease some will cost less or no more than the cost of the weekly allowance, some vehicles can cost more which will require an additional payment(known as an advance payment) to cover the cost of the lease. You will probably need to make a payment upfront if you choose a more expensive vehicle.

How to find a motability vehicle?

                                                                                                   You will need to show evidence that you are eligible for the scheme. It's best to get this ready before you start looking for a vehicle. You will need:                                                                     
  • Proof of address, such as a council tax bill or a bank statement from the last six months.
  • Your ID(driving licence/passport).
  • Your certificate of entitlement from the DWP.

Now you have your proof the next step is to find a Car dealer.

  • If you choose a car there is thousands out there to choose from that are available from small, medium, family, estate, 4×4, coupes and multi-purpose vehicles. You can find a dealer near where you live on the MOTABILITY WEBSITE. You can also call the motability helpline on 03004564566. There are over 4,500 motability dealerships in the uk.
  • Once you have found a dealer you can call them to setup an appointment either to to go to the dealership or they can come to you. Let your dealer know if you think your vehicle needs to be adapted. If you use a wheelchair or mobility aid, take it with you to make sure it fits in the car.

If you are not happy with the dealership choice of vehicles it’s worth contacting another they might have different options. Once you have found the right vehicle you can order it at the dealership. After you have ordered it about two weeks after you will receive a confirmation letter in the post. Keep it safe as it contains your personal identification number(PIN). You will need this pin to collect your vehicle. When you collect your vehicle you will sign your lease agreement by entering the pin at the dealership. Cars through the motability scheme are leased for three years. If you can’t collect your car you can ask the dealership to try to deliver it to you.

What your lease includes?

  As well as having your vehicle you will get:                                                                                                                                                                                                  
  1. Insurance including tyre and windscreen replacement cover.
  2. Replacement for batteries.
  3. Breakdown cover.
  4. Vehicle tax.
  5. Service and maintenance.
  6. Adaptations if needed.
  7. 20,000 mileage allowance per year of lease.
  • Wheelchair accessible vehicles If you use a wheelchair, a(WAV) may be suitable. WAVs through the motability scheme are leased for five years. With a WAV, you can travel while in your wheelchair or enter the vehicle and then transfer when inside it. WAVs are available for you to travel both as a passenger and driver.
  • Scooters on the motability scheme The motability scheme offers leases on scooters. Scooters are available in three sizes; small, medium and large. Scooters through the the motability scheme are leased for three years.
  • Powered wheelchairs on the motability scheme Powered wheelchairs are offered in two different classes; class two and class three(different classes determine where the powered wheelchairs can be used). Powered wheelchairs are offered on either a three or five year lease(depending on the one chosen).