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The All New Ring Mailbox Sensor

The Ring has announced You can now pre order their new mailbox sensor on 8th October 2020.

The mailbox sensor pairs with the Ring app allowing all of its customers to receive real time alerts, and is also equipped with a camera that will activate once your post box or mailbox is opened. Ring is trying to help combat crime where people’s identities and very important post get stolen every day.

The Ring sensor which sits inside the mailbox and is triggered every time it is opened and closed. It will cost $30 which is actually a good and very reasonable price to save your post from thieves. Ring sells a wide variety of smart home devices, from doorbells to sensors and security cameras and beyond. Ring added new products which include the mailbox sensor, the drone and connected car products, which prove the Ring has plans to expand beyond just the home.

The Ring President Leila Rahi said: “Its something that many of our customers have asked for.”