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Ten Tips To Keep Your Heating Bills Down

As the winter time starts to kick in and the weather temperature starts to plunge, your heating bills will start to rise. Here are ten tips to keep your heating bills down.

Rearrange your furniture:

If any of your furniture blocks any radiators around the home it can trap the heat and not warm your house up and waste the heat. If you rearrange your furniture so the radiators are not just warming the backs of your sofas it can work wonders and heat the entire room.


All the gaps under your doors always let the cold air through and let the warm air escape, you could trap warm air in the room by buying draught-excluders, or if you got any holes or cracks around the windows around your home you can simply seal the cracks with filler.

Close your doors

Once the sun has gone down and set keep all your doors closed to keep all your cosy warm air trapped in your rooms.


If you have your thermostat between 20C-25C it is very costly, you can lower it to around 18C and that could save you several pounds per week. If you turn your heating down as little as one degree it can help you save as much as £55 per year.

Hot water bottle

If you can use the traditional hot water bottle in bed or if you are just snuggled on the sofa it could save you a lot of money in night time heating costs.


If you have wooden, tiles or laminate flooring placing a rug in the centre of the floor or anywhere else around the home will make it feel more cosy and warm. If you walking around barefoot go and put some socks or some warm slippers on too.

Keep your curtains closed

The early winter nights means it gets dark earlier and colder quicker. If you keep your curtains closed as soon as it starts to get dark, it will stop warm air escaping through the glass windows.

Leave your oven door open

If you cook your food in the oven on full 200C once your food is cooked, leave your oven door open it will warm your kitchen or if you have an open plan space it can also warm the entire room.

Use tin foil

It might sound a little silly but it works out great, cut tin foil sheets to fit behind your radiators. The tin foil will then reflect the hot air back into the room, rather than allowing the warm air to drift away through the cold walls.

Hot water

If it’s possible try to make sure everyone in your household takes showers at the same time of the day, if your able to do this it will mean your hot water will only need to be on for a couple of hours. Rather then the hot water being turned on and off throughout the day, worse still if it’s left on all day. Using a shower will save you a lot less water than having a bath also.