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Ten Halloween Activities For Adults

Murder Mystery Game

It’s a perfect game for halloween your guests can dress up as a character in the story, then it’s up to them to find out who the murderer is. There are plenty of free murder mystery game scripts online which will provide instructions about the game play and characters.

Spooky Feel Box

Get a box and place inside your box gross, cold or slimy stuff and make your guests stick their hands inside without looking and guess what’s inside.

Eyeball Beer Pong

Use a folding table and a set of solo cups or plastic cups and a pack of eyeballs for a spooky round of beer pong. From teams of two take turns throwing the eyes into your opponents cup, once a eye lands in a cup the cup is removed and its time to drink up.

Horror Movie Trivia

If you and your guests are horror movie fanatics this is a great game. You can use anything from classic horror movies to scream fests and scary movies. You can download horror movie trivia games for free online.

Trick And Treat Shots

Place jelly shots around your place on trays and your guests can pick the jelly shots up but they wont know if they will be drinking just a normal jelly shot ‘trick’ or a jelly shot which is alcohol ‘treat’. You can also play this game with just shot glasses.

Magic Potions

Just like truth or dare write all your dares or questions down and attach the paper to each drink, whether its a beer, shot, mocktail or cocktail after each guest has drank the glass they must do what the paper says.

Scary Treasure Hunt

Divide your guests into small teams and provide each team with a clue that will get them closer to the hidden treasure. Remember to include halloween themed riddles that need to be solved in each clue. You can play both tricks and treats along the way to keep the game fun, if you don’t know what to have for the final treasure you can have a champagne bottle on ice, adult game or scary movie box set.

Alcohol Bobbing

Instead of the normal game of apple bobbing, have your guests bob for alcohol. Fill up a bucket of water with tiny single serving bottles of alcohol and make them go bobbing.

Pumpkin Carving Contest

Supply your guests with pumpkins and carving tools so they can make their own unique creation. The winner can get something like a cool scary movie or a voucher or a nice bottle of fizz.

Halloween Charades

Divide your party guests into teams and write down halloween themes on pieces of paper and have people to draw a slip of paper from a bowl or cup and have them act out what’s on the paper.