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Sixteen Things To Entertain You On A Flight

If you are planning on taking a long haul flight or a short haul flight and you need to keep busy while your flying and don’t have an idea on how to entertain yourself on the flight here are sixteen ideas on how to keep busy so the flight time will seem short for you.

Download Movies And Series

If you have a streaming service that you pay for you can download some movies or a full series to your phone, iPad or laptop and then when your on the flight you can catch up with the movies or series that you have missed out on. If you don’t pay for any streaming services then you don’t need to worry as most flights have on board movies or some programmes for you to watch. If you can bring your own noise cancelling headphones so you don’t get disturbed by the noise around you.

Play A Game

There is some games on the on board flight tv system but if you get bored off the same old games why not download some games that you would never play before on your phone and see how they are on the flight. Playing some games can pass several hours on the flight and make the flight fly by literally, don’t forget to pack your chargers as you don’t want your battery to die halfway through the flight.

Read Up On Your Holiday

If you haven’t really planned your holiday well or you want to do extra stuff while your there why not look online to see what things you can do and plan your days out properly so your not wasting your time on things your not really interested in doing. You can check out the best things to do in the area you will be staying in, you can also estimate how much the trip will cost you and how much you can spend each day if you are on a budget.

Catch Up On Work

If you have some work to catch up on that your behind on or if you have some emails to catch up on then while your flying finish all your work so you don’t have to worry about it while your on vacation.

Organize Your Phone Or Laptop

If you haven’t got round to it yet and your phone and laptop is overloaded with stuff you don’t use or apps you no longer need and too many photos that you need to delete. Why not have a go and sort all your photos, videos and apps and then you can clear lots of space so you can take plenty more pictures of your vacation without having to worry about space.

Read A Book Or Magazines

Reading is a great pastime when your on a flight so why not take some books/magazines with you and if you don’t want to carry them you can download some reading apps on your phone or you can buy some online magazines to read to catch up on some gossip.

Listen To A Podcast

There are plenty of podcasts that you can listen to they have podcasts on every category you can think off and if your not really into listening to podcasts there are plenty of audio books you can now listen too as well. Listening to a two hour podcast or a four hour audio book will sure pass the time.

Listen To Some New Music

If you find yourself listening to the same music all the time why not take some time to listen to music you thought you would never listen to before. You might just surprise yourself to what you might find and actually jam out to.

Take Pictures Of The Flight

Why not start taking pictures of your vacation as soon as you step into the airport, remember to take pictures up in the air too. That way you will have something to look back on especially if its your first vacation abroad.

Plan You Next Destination

If you enjoy going on holiday and want to travel more why not plan a budget and how much you need to save up so you can travel to your next destination.

Learn The Local Language

When your travelling to your destination why not try to learn the local language a little bit, read up on the most common questions that you will have to ask, don’t forget to learn hello, thank you and goodbye.

Write A Journal

If you haven’t had time to journal much lately why not journal while you got the time to, write all about where you are travelling to and don’t forget to add some pictures.

Do Something Crafty

If you get bored of doing the normal like watching movies or programmes why not do something crafty to keep your mind occupied. Bring some colouring books or bring some crossword books and if the airplane allow you why not bring some knitting aboard. Just make sure you check what you can bring on board with the airpline before you travel.

Do A Skincare Regime

Sometimes when you are on a flight you just want to sit back and relax, while you are up in the air the travel air can really dehydrate your skin and leave you looking tired and feeling tired. Before you sit back and relax why not try a facemask or an eye mask and then finally put some face lotion on to rehydrate your skin and leave you looking fresh when you leave the flight.

Move About And Stretch

If you are on a long haul flight or even on a short haul flight you should try to get up and walk around a bit, if you want find a little free spot on the plane and do some stretches.

Catch Up On Some Sleep

Some people sleep better then others when flying so why not try to catch a good amount of sleep while your flying bring a comfortable neck pillow and a good eye mask and relax.