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Sainsbury New Chop Chop Bike Delivery 2020

Sainsbury’s has rolled out the new delivery service called chop chop. Sainsbury’s has already rolled it out into 20 cities across the country outside of london. Chop chop is a fast grocery delivery service which will be delivered by bike for the first time. Once the roll out the 50 store is completed, around 3.2 million households will be able to get sainsbury’s delivered directly to their door within an hour, offering customers who are self isolating or unable to travel to stores for what they need.

Chop chop has already launched in brighton, bristol, manchester, reading, richmond, morden, charlton and harringay in greater london. By mid june sainsbury’s will have a total of 50 stores which will offer the shoopers the chop chop service. Customers will be able to order up to 20 sainsbury’s products from a tailored range of around 3,000 essential grocery and household items vis the chop chop app.

Since april sainsbury’s has already rolled out successfully across london and has already trialled making deliveries from closed convenience stores for the first time. Sainsbury’s has been listening to all customers feedback and have learned to improve the service. The supermarket has already doubled the number of its customers orders it can fulfill from these stores as delivery slots are normally booked by 10am.

Sainsburys chop chop service has no minimum basket spend, it has a £4.99 delivery cost. Has a subs price promise. Picked, packed and delivered within 60 minutes by a sainsbury’s chop chop colleague or a trusted delivery partner. You will have to download the sainsbury’s chop chop app to use this service.

Sainsbury’s are rapidly expanding their service to increase the total numbers of online delivery slots for its grocery online service to 600,000 per week. Sainsbury’s supermarket will always continue to prioritise the elderly, vulnerable and disabled customers for its online grocery slots.

Sainsbury’s have stated that they are doing everything they can to feed the nation and offer customers a quick and easy way to deliver their groceries. By rolling out chop chop to 50 stores in 20 cities across the country, even more customers can get what they need in a safe and convenient way.