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Volvo Introduces The New Volvo Care Key

All new volvos from model year 2021 will now come with 112 mph speed limiters and a care key to allow owners to set how fast others can drive if they borrow their car. The launch of the care key follows the announcement from volvo that all volvo cars will limit the top speed to 112 mph from 2020, in order to send a strong message about the dangers of speeding.

The care key will allow its owners to pre-set speed limits when others use their vehicle. The owner could set it as low as 31 mph. This is designed to improve safety but also give owners peace of mind when their children, family members or friends are borrowing their cars. Volvo became the first car maker to start fitting all of its new models with speed limiters in 2020 – two years ahead of the market-wide requirement for the safety systems. Eventually volvo imagines that cars would automatically limit your speed in school zones and urban areas to around 18-25 mph. Reducing drink drivers deaths is another pole of volvo’s safety initiative, which it plans to tackle with cameras that automatically monitor if the driver is inebriated and potentially will slow down the vehicle and prompt the motorist to pull over. In the most extreme cases technology built into volvos car will be able to safely bring the vehicle to a halt automatically to prevent the driver causing a crash. These cameras will also watch the drivers eyes to ensure he/she is paying attention to the road rather than being on the phone, volvo sees reducing driver distraction as an important way to reduce crashes.

All new cars sold in europe from 2022 will legally be required to have speed limiters installed known as ISA (intelligent speed assistance) systems. The ISA systems use gps data and traffic sign recognition cameras to determine what the speed limit is on the road the car is travelling on. The ISA will identify the speed limit and automatically limits the top speed to match it. Although drivers will be able to override the system by pushing hard on the throttle just in case they are over taking another motorist.

Volvos system will not operate like ISA. Volvos system will be a fixed restriction, it will electronically limit the top speed to 112 mph at all times. It will not be allowed to be overridden by its owners. The only time this will not be the case is if the vehicle is being used by the police, when the limiter will be deactivated.