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London Will Have A New Bubble-Decker Bus From 2023

London will have some new bubble-decker buses on their streets rom 2023, the new high fleet will be high tech and be emissions free. The new ‘tram’ buses will offer passengers a trip home in modern and stylish design and it will also replace the buses that are currently in use in London. The bus will have large windows and a high roof that will be a shape of a tram car. It will also come with covered wheels so you will not see part of the wheels to make it safer for pedestrians and cyclists in the busy traffic. All the seats will come with USB charging ports and 360 degrees cameras for the drivers that will replace the wing mirrors.

Transport for London will have 20 new buses driving around in 2023 that will be the first of a kind in the whole of the UK. The plans are to use the buses on the 358 route in south London between Crystal Palace and Orpington. The bus will be charged by cutting-edge charging points recently installed in south London for the city’s electric bus fleet.

The firm that is building the buses are a Spanish engineering firm called Irizar. The Managing Director of Irizar e-mobility Inigo Etxeberria said: “We are delighted that Go Ahead, London largest bus operator has chosen our technology; this is a clear testament to the confidence placed in our products and proof of their quality and reliability.”
“London is investing heavily in sustainable public transport solutions and we are honoured for Irizar e-mobility to play a part in this goal.”
“Our technical race continues, and this operation will see our company launching the first super-fast charging route in London, complying with the high standards set by Transport for

The head of TFL bus business development Tom Cunnington said: “The buses will not be ready for the road until the start of 2023 at the earliest.”
“Our first bus needs to go through comprehensive training and it (this model) is the first of its type being built for the UK market. We have to make sure the infrastructures in place, test it properly, driver training and do everything else.”
“While id love to have them in service now, we need to make sure its truly ready for our customers.”