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Lightyear Tests Solar Roof Technology On A Tesla Model 3

The company Lightyear has now launched its first two research vehicles to test their solar roof technology. The dutch startup company Lightyear has plans to launch its own electric car that will be powered by a combination of solar panels and batteries. The electric car is not ready for production yet so has chosen the research vehicles to test the solar roofs on a Tesla model 3 and the solar-equipped Volkswagen crafter van.

The research vehicles will be equipped with lightyear’s solar roof and the vehicles can been seen driving around in the surroundings of lightyear’s headquarters, located in the city of Helmond, the Netherlands. The vehicles will drive around measuring the solar yield. They will provide additional real-world data on vibration impact, shock absorption and waterproofness. The testing is deemed to be crucial to make sure it is safe, reliable and a durable solar roof system that could potentially last a lifetime of lightyear’s cars and of other vehicles that utilize the solar roofs.

By the end of 2020, lightyear plans to complete a validation prototype of its Lightyear One production model. Dubbed 007 it will marry the solar roof with a production-spec powertrain and battery pack. The startup recently signed an agreement with Royal DSM to produce the solar roof for the One, which is scheduled to launch in 2021. Lightyear previously said ” the solar roof could account for 70% to 90% of annual mileage, minimizing the need for plugging in-it will be a serious engineering challenge”.