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How To Make Your Own Candles

Everyone loves decorating their own home with beautiful smelling candles. They add a certain type of warmth and light to every space in your home making it feel cozier and inviting. Many people complain that the candles they buy don’t last long enough and can be too pricey. The great part is your can now make them yourselves with little supplies and don’t cost much at all! You can also choose what candles you make as some people are sensitive to certain smells or what is in the actual candle that some companies use like different waxes, fragrances etc.

What Materials You Need:

  • Wax (beeswax or soy)
  • Large wick
  • Container (mason jars or candle tins)
  • Fragrances (oil)
  • Colour (liquid dye)
  • Pan to melt the wax in
  • Thermometer
  • Newspaper
  • Disposable gloves
Essential oils


  1. Prep your work area, lay down your newspapers as working with wax can get messy. Have a few spare paper towels near you too, make sure you have your containers and wicks at the ready.
  2. You can now start to melt your wax, half a pound of wax can fill an 8oz mason jar. When melting the wax make sure you keep an eye on it and once it melts and gets to 160-170 degrees take it off the heat.
  3. Get your wick and check if it has a little sticker at the bottom to glue into your mason jar if not dip the metal tab of the wick into the melted was and quickly adhere it to the bottom of your candle holder. After a few minutes the wax will harden and it will be stuck solid to your jar.
  4. Add your choice of fragrance and colour to your melted wax and stir to ensure its evenly distributed.
  5. Once you added your fragrance and colours let the wax cool for around 2 minutes it should be around 130-140 temperature.
  6. Once the wax is cooled pour it gently into your choice of candle holder, keeping in mind to lightly hold your wick so it stays in the centre.
  7. Once you finished poring your wax grab a pen so you can lightly tie your wick to it while your wax hardens for a few hours, it does not need to be super secured just enough for it to stay on place.
  8. If your candle has dried and has a space between the edge and the wax simply reheat some more wax and fill it in, but don’t add too much as it can cause another little hole.
  9. Now you can trim your wick if your wick is too long just trim it down. Light your candle if the flame is more than a inch high and flickers a lot the wick is still too long.
  10. Now you can enjoy your very own homemade candle.