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Ways To Keep Your Vehicle From Getting Stolen

Vehicle crime has risen over the past 5 years worldwide. Vehicle theft is a very common crime that happens everyday around the world. Car thieves have successfully developed techniques and technology that allows them to bypass modern anti theft measures. Every country is now seeing more sophisticated operations by organised car crime gangs that are exporting and selling cars for parts. They also have seen an increase of theft in scooters, motorcycles and keyless car theft.

  • Install a tracking system You should consider installing a vehicle tracking system (you might need a professional to install this). When your vehicle is stolen your tracking system will use the gps technology to emit a signal to the police or the monitoring system service you use of your vehicles location. This way you car could be recovered.

  • Avoid being the victim of a relay attack A relay attack usually has two people working together. One would stand by your vehicle, the other one would stand near to your front door of your house or your windows so the device there using will pick up the key signal. It then relays the key fob to the car to open up and start allowing the thieves to drive away with your vehicle unnoticed. Placing your keys inside a metal box, signal blocking wallet/pouch or safe will protect your vehicle from a relay attack.

  • Reprogramme your keys If you purchase a new second hand vehicle you should reprogramme it as you might not have been given all the vehicles keys. The previous owners might just come back and steal the vehicle or they could sell the spare keys to someone else to try and steal your vehicle.
  • Install a ghost immobiliser The ghost protects your vehicle from key-cloning, hacking and even key theft. The ghost has no key-fobs or LED indications to give away its location. The ghost uses the buttons in your vehicle such as those on the steering wheel, door panels or centre console, to allow you to make a unique, changeable, disarm sequence (like a pin code) that must be entered before you can drive your vehicle otherwise your vehicle will not start.
  • Park in the right place Parking in poorly lit areas, less pedestrians or no cctv only increases your chances of having your vehicle broken into and getting stolen. Park in places that have cctv, very visible and lit up and have pedestrians around as that will decrease the chances of having your vehicle stolen.
  • Use vehicle security locks You can purchase security locks that can lock your steering wheel in place, you can also buy a pedal lock so that they actually can’t drive away with your vehicle. These are old school deterrents but they are making a huge comeback. Thieves will see your locks and they might think your car is too much hassle.
  • Don’t rely on your key fob You shouldn’t just rely on your key fob to lock your vehicle as many thieves now have jammers that send a signal to your vehicle not to lock. The signal jammers are so small and compact that you can’t see if someone is using it. Make sure your vehicle is locked before leaving it.
  • Leave your keys out of reach Many thieves look through letter boxes to see if you have left your keys in the door, hanging on the wall in the hallway or just leaving them in a bowl next to your front door. Thieves are now using tools like hooks, poles and magnets to steal your keys and drive away with your vehicle unnoticed. Put your keys in a safe or somewhere out of view and reach.
  • Stay safe in traffic Being in traffic still makes you a vulnerable target. Make sure your doors and windows are locked thieves look to prey on vulnerable people to drag out of there vehicles and drive away.
  • Don’t leave your vehicle running Many people leave their vehicle running while your de icing it, warming it up or getting the kids from inside. Many opportunistic thieves will steal the vehicle in seconds while your inside.