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How To Carve A Pumpkin

What You Need:

  • Pumpkin (any size)
  • Sharp knife or carving kit
  • Serving spoon or Tbsp
  • Newspaper
  • Marker pen
  • Design for your pumpkin
  • Tea light


  1. Place down your newspapers on a working surface.
  2. Draw a line around the crown of the pumpkin crown to cut your lid off.
  3. Cut your lid off and scoop all the guts and seeds out of the inside of your pumpkin.
  4. Clean the outside of the pumpkin with a wet wipe and wait for it to dry.
  5. Draw your choice of face or design onto your pumpkin with a marker pen.
  6. With a sharp knife or carving kit cut out your design or face. (always cut away from you just incase the knife slips)
  7. Once all done pop your tealight inside and place the lid back on top of your pumpkin.