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Households Can Get A £5000 Grant For Heat Pumps

From April, 2022 cash will be available to replace households gas boilers with heat pumps. The government has allocated £450 million to dish out these grants under the new boiler scheme. The £5000 scheme is the governments plan to slash emissions as the gas boiler ban is coming in 2035. Anyone in England and Wales can apply and the scheme will be available to 30,000 households per year for three years. People in social housing or new-build homes are exempt.

Heat pumps is a greener way to heat your home and also will be at a lower cost to heat your home. There are two types of air-source heat pumps, air-to-water systems and air-to-air systems. The heat pumps heat your home at a lower temperature than the gas and oil boilers. If you are planning to get an air-source heat pump you could be facing a bill that will cost you thousands of pounds. Households will benefit in the long-run getting a heat pump installed in their home instead of a gas boiler, you could save up to £1,975 if you swap your gas boiler for a heat pump, up to £1,465 if you switch from electric heating and up to £735 if you ditch oil fired heaters.

There is now a new help to help families to afford a new boiler, households will get a grant worth up to £5000 to purchase a heat pump. If the heat pump costs more than £5000 you will have to cover the cost yourself. You will not be able to apply for the scheme yourself, instead you will need to find a heat pump installer who will then apply for the grant on your behalf.

The UK’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: “As we clean up the way we heat our homes over the next decade, we are backing our brilliant innovators to make clean technology like heat pumps as cheap to buy and run as gas boilers-supporting thousands of green jobs.”
“Our new grants will help homeowners make the switch sooner, without costing them extra, so that going green is the better choice when their boiler needs an upgrade.”