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PC Andrew Harper sadly lost his life on 15th August 2019 he was a newlywed. He suffered catastrophic injuries as his ankles got caught in a strap attached to the stolen car in Berkshire. He responded to reports of a quad bike theft with a colleague. He had left his vehicle when he was struck by a car at a county crossroad near to Sulhamstead, he fell beneath the vehicle and was dragged a considerable distance. It later came out PC Andrew Harper was trying to stop three teens from stealing a four wheeler bike when his ankles were caught in the towrope of the vehicle.

Henry Long, aged 19 was the driver of the getaway vehicle, Jessie Cole, aged 18 was a passenger and Albert Bowers, aged 18 was also a passenger they all denied murder. Henry Long pleaded guilty to manslaughter and was jailed for 16 years, Jessie Cole and Albert Bowers was found guilty of the same charge manslaughter and was hande 13 years jail sentences each. Henry Long has now lodged an application to the Court of Appeal to challenge his 16 year jail sentence.

PC Andrew Harper’s wife has now launched a petition for tougher sentences for killing emergency service workers so they face mandatory life sentences. The petition already has over 640,000 signatures. The campaign is not directed at those who murder emergency workers ,murder already attracts a automatic life sentence, and where the victim is a police officer doing his duty the statutory ‘starting point’ is life without parole. The object of the petition is to ensure that those guilty of the lesser offence of manslaughter also receive a life sentence, where the victim is an emergency worker.

Lissie Harper the wife of PC Andrew Harper said in a statement “What is more important than the safety and security of our emergency service workers? So we are delighted that the Home Office have been in touch to arrange the important meeting with the Home Secretary Priti Patel. This is vital and its important and very urgent. Our justice system is broken and we need Harpers Law to help fix it. I have witnessed first hand the lenient and insufficient way on which the justice system deals with criminals who take the lives of our emergency workers. We need Harpers Law to give the ultimate protection to our emergency service workers. They run towards danger to protect the public from harm. They go out everyday and risk their lives to protect us. They deserve the ultimate protection in return.” “This update comes as no surprise to me following news that two of them are also seeking leave to appeal against their conviction. None of Andrew’s killers have shown any remorse , so this is just carrying on the way that they are and have been throughout this past year. It is very upsetting but it just helps to drive my determination with my campaign calling for Harper’s Law.”

Debbie Adlam the mother of PC Andrew Harper said “My family and i totally respect anyone’s right to appeal against their sentence, we live in a fair society. However, this news, coming as it does on the very last day that he had to put in his appeal, is simply another kick in the stomach that leaves us all feeling awful. We will recover from this as we have to do but my thoughts today are absolutely with my heroic son who gave his life trying to protect others and those responsible for his loss will not live rent free in my head.”

No date has been set for the appeals to be heard as of yet.