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HGV Class 2 Licence Process UK

To get your hgv class 2 You will need to get a D2 & D4 form and you can get theses from any large local post office or you can phone dvla or go online. Dvla will then send the forms through the post and these are free. The D2 form you will need to fill out yourself and send it back to the dvla so they can entitle you with a provisional class 2 license. The D4 form will be filled out by the doctor you are getting your medical done by. You can send the D4 form off to dvla with your D2 along with your license.

Before you go for your practical you will need to pass a few tests which are: Theory test multiple choice- Which will cost around £26.00. Hazard perception- Which will cost around £11.00 CPC case studies- Which will cost around £23.00 ( This is if you want to drive for a living) Medical- Which will cost around £50.00 After passing these tests you can start your practical training which should consist of 3-5 days depending on your experience and learning capabilities. This should cost around £800 – £1500. I would advise a one to one training instead of learning with another student at the same time. This way you can focus more on just yourself. Your test should follow the day after your training has finished which is around 60 minutes.

If your planning on driving for a living/professionally you will need to get a cpc (practical demonstration) which will cost around £250. This will last for 5 years, you can do this with your school that you have done your driving training with. You will also need to get a tacho card which will cost around £32 and you can get this from dvla.

There is alot of good training schools all around the uk. You should visit the school before handing any money over and you can see the lorries and what the school is like and that they are not brokers and a actual school.

Good Luck with your test!