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Free Accommodation In Ibiza For NHS Staff


The initiative, called Together For Healthcare Heroes, was launched in March, 2020 and sets out to provide healthcare staff in Europe with free accommodation. The Ibiza Government has now backed this initiative.

Ibiza is now offering all NHS staff free holiday accommodation as part of its efforts to say ‘Thank you’ to all the workers who have risked their lives to look after us during the Covid-19 Pandemic. The free accommodation will be available outside the holiday hotspots peak season, meaning workers should be able to take up the offer in April, May and October 2021. Already around 60 properties have already been put forward for this initiative, along with rooms at the Atzaro, OD Hoteles, Concept Hotel Group and Aguas De Ibiza Hotel chains.

Together For Healthcare Heroes Website, the organisation is on a mission to find at least 1,000 best in class accommodation providers in Europe to help provide free 1st class accommodation for NHS staff, so they can enjoy a holiday next summer without having to worry to fork out money for lodging.

In a statement, a spokesperson for the organisation said: “It all started with a simple idea early in March, 2020. We was thinking how can we say thank you to those who are fighting on the frontline for our friends, families and communities? How can we say thank you to those putting their own lives at risk for us everyday? Unprecedented times highlight exceptional people we thank those who we have trusted with our lives, by gifting them our homes and hotels in Ibiza and across Europe.”