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Fourteen Ways To Decorate A Easter Egg

With Easter around the corner and you want to do something creative with some eggs here are fourteen ways to decorate an egg, don’t forget to get your kids involved.

Cotton Candy Egg Nest

You can buy some mini chocolate Easter eggs and some cotton candy, with the cotton candy shape it into a nest and place your mini eggs inside so it looks like a candy egg nest.

Dried Flower Eggs

As its Easter go out into the garden and pick some flowers and PVA glue them onto your eggs so they look like a little pretty garden.

Sprinkle Eggs

Buy some sprinkles from your local store and PVA glue your eggs and roll them around in the sprinkles to make sprinkle eggs. You can even buy some Easter sprinkles and make some Easter sprinkle eggs.

Initial Easter Eggs

If you are having a Easter egg dinner at home you can make these pretty little initial Easter eggs. Buy some initial stickers and what ever colour paint that matches with your dining colour, place your sticker on the egg and spray paint the rest with the colour of your choice. Once the paint is dry remove the sticker and place the egg on your dining table.

Balloon Eggs

Cut some balloon knots of some balloons and dye your egg with some Easter eggs and PVA glue your balloon knot at the bottom of the eggs.

Easter Egg Bunny Ears

You can print some bunny ears or make them yourself and dye your eggs the colour of your choice and attach the ears on top of the egg and you can also draw a bunny face on the egg too.

Tie-Dye Easter Eggs

You can get creative and tie-dye your eggs with all the colours you want, make sure each section of the egg is dry before adding another colour.

Disco Ball Easter Eggs

You can buy some sequins and glitter and decorate your Easter egg with some PVA glue and your sequins and glitter.

Glow-In-The-Dark Eggs

If your having a Easter egg hunt in the dark this would be a great one to do, buy some glow in the dark paint and decorate your Easter eggs and place them out at night and watch them glow.

Watercolour Easter Eggs

Buy some watercolour paints and paint your eggs to the colour you desire.

Ice Cream Cone Easter Eggs

You will need brown eggs for this one , draw lines for the cone at the bottom of the egg and then for the ice cream use a paint pen and then you can place a tiny red pom-pom on top to make the cherry on top of the ice cream.

Emoji Easter Eggs

Get all the emojis up on your phone or tablet and get decorating the eggs with all the fun emojis you have with some paint.

Fruit & Veggie Easter Eggs

If your having a dinner party or family round for Easter, get decorating your eggs with fruits and veggies and place them on the dining table they will create some talk around the table.

Easter Egg Wreath

You can buy a plain wreath or even a Easter egg wreath and glue some plastic colour Easter eggs on there along with some bunny’s, feathers, glitter and get creative.