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Fourteen Romantic Ideas For Couples On Valentines Day

With valentines day around the corner and your out of ideas to do what to for your partner to make it extra special here are fourteen ideas to make the day extra special.

Make Breakfast In Bed

Instead of making your partner make breakfast why not surprise them with a breakfast in bed buffet for the both of you. Make it extra special and do heart shaped eggs, pancakes and light up some candles on the breakfast tray. Enjoy the morning together in bed and enjoy your breakfast your partner will feel extra special that you have gone to extra effort to make the day special.

Write Your Partner A Love Letter

If you don’t like expressing your feelings face to face you can write exactly how you feel with a cute love letter and write how much your partner means to you. Make it extra special and hand write your letter as it gives it that bit extra special feeling knowing you went out your way to write it instead of typing it. You can seal it in a envelope and seal it with a kiss and spray your favourite fragrance on it.

Take A trip

If you can afford it why not go to a special place where you and your partner love to spend time with each other or a favourite trip abroad that you would love to go back to. If you want you can even book a holiday where you and your partner have never been before to discover a new country or a new destination together to make some special memories.

Make A Couple’s Bucket List

Why not sit down with your partner and write down the years bucket list to make goals or what you want to do by the end of valentines day next year. Take turns to write down each other’s bucket list items, each time you tick off a bucket list goal take a picture so you can look back at the special memories you made while doing it. Make sure you write down so romantic goals to spice up the relationship!

Make A Scrapbook Of Your Relationship

Gather up some special photos and receipts of where you have been together and make a beautiful scrap book starting from the date you started the relationship. You both will treasure it forever as it will be so special to look back on during your anniversary’s.

Recreate Your First Date

Make valentines extra special and recreate your first date whether your first date was at a restaurant, cinema or just for a coffee in the park. Plan to meet each other at your first date special place and have the same things you ate it will feel like your right back at the beginning of falling in love with your life partner.

Treasure Hunt For Cute Notes And Presents

You can make valentines into a fun little activity and hide some love notes and presents all over the house. It will be such a lovely little surprise for your partner to find love notes and extra sweet little treats.

Watch A Romantic Movie

Why not have a cute romantic movie night and go all out. Buy some popcorn, sweets, drinks and even make a movie ticket for your partner to bring to the home made cinema. If it is quite chilly don’t forget to being a blanket and a nice hot water bottle and light some candles and turn off the lights.

Make Some Sweet Treats

You can buy a chocolate fountain and cut up some fruit and have some marshmallows. Why not go all out and have a glass of champagne while your having some delicious strawberries and chocolate.

Have A Couples Massage

Set the mood with some candles and body oil and give your partner a body massage and they can give you one in return. If you can afford it why not book a spa weekend for you both so you can both spend some quality time together.

Watch The Sunset

You don’t need to be on holiday or somewhere fancy to watch the sunset, you can easily watch the sunset if you have nearby fields or if you can see the sunset from your garden. If you have a nearby beach why not take a trip down and enjoy watching the sunset with the ocean sounds in the background. Its such a romantic thing to do to watch the sunset with your partner.

Go Stargazing

You can enjoy part of the night by going stargazing, grab a blanket and a water bottle with a few pillows and go enjoy the night looking at the stars. Don’t forget to bring some snacks.

Run A Bubble Bath

Run the bath and put some relaxing bubble bath in there and place some candles around the bath. Enjoy a relaxing bath with your partner with a glass of champagne and some sweet treats.

Rose petals in the bedroom

Make the bedroom a relaxing place for your partner light some candles and place some rose petals all over the bed and floor. Enjoy some quality time together in the bedroom and have some fun.