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Four Money Saving Challenges

Looking for ways to save money? If you stick with these money saving challenges, you could could end up with more than £1000 by the end of 2021!

The 1p Challenge

With the 1p challenge you can start by saving 1p on day one, add 2p on day two, 3p on day three and so on. You can do this until you reach day 365 when you will add your final £3.65 taking you to your final saving of the whole year of £667.95.

The 365 Day Challenge

The 365 day challenge you can start by every sunday you put £1 aside in a jar, on a monday you put £2 aside, tuesdays you put £3 aside, wednesday’s you put £4 aside, thursdays you put £5 aside, fridays you put £6 aside and saturdays you put £7 aside. You will end up with at the end of the year £1456.

The £20 Challenge

If you can manage to save £20 a week on any day that you choose for example every friday after the 52 weeks are up, you will end up saving £1040 at the end of the year.

The 52 Week Challenge

To save £1378 by the end of the year on the first week of the new year start saving £1, on week two add £2, week three add £3 and then continue the pattern until you reach the end of the year.