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Flights To Australia For £10 For Young People In The UK & Ireland

Young people aged between 18-35 in the UK and Ireland can now get £10 return flights to Australia as part of their new work campaign scheme. Australia is hoping to plug gaps that are in the job market and to try boost their tourism following the pandemic.

From May 2022 young adults in the UK will be able to purchase flights from Heathrow, Manchester, Edinburgh and Dublin to Adelaide from Qatar Airways. Jobs will be available in hospitality, outback stations and on farms those who are interested in working in these sectors must have a working holiday visa and be able to travel to Australia before September 30th 2022. Qatar Airways will offer 200 discounted return flights.

Those who want to take part in this new work scheme will need to register with Trailfinders before the tickets release date and already have a valid Australian Working Holiday Visa or have a visa application currently being processed.

Anyone that is successful securing a ticket will then have to purchase an Adelaide Arrival Pack with the flight. Starting at £171 the arrival pack includes either a three or six night hostel stay, a work travel information pack, a 12 month membership to “The Backpacker List” to assist with job searches and a three-month access to an in country work and travel support line. Alongside the arrival packages, there are also a number of holiday packages available that include a visit to Kangaroo Island or trekking through the south Australian outback from £1,099.

South Australian Minster for Tourism Zoe Bettison said: “South Australia is welcoming the return of working holiday makers-it’s a real win-win for young people eager to travel and work abroad, and for our local tourism industry.
“Our tourism operators have missed having international visitors on their tours and experiences and booking up accommodation, and they’ve also missed the backpacker workforce and the vibrancy they bring.
“These backpackers foster a love for our state and our country which often inspires them to return later in life.
“Whether its in our bars, restaurants, wineries and hotels or on our outback stations and farms, there are so many ways that British and Irish citizens can work in Adelaide and in regional South Australia, helping to not only fill roles but provide an economic and cultural exchange benefit which advantages both sides of the globe.
“We look forward to welcoming back young people from the UK and Ireland, and encourage them to make the most of these £10 fares.”