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Five Jobs You Can Earn Money Working From Home

You can earn money from working at home it can be a side job to earn you a bit of extra income or it can be a full time job if you put effort and passion into it. If you don’t like the normal 9-5 typical job you can work from home and work the hours you want to work, it’s totally up to you. You can potentially earn anywhere between £100 and £1500 depending on the amount of time or effort you put into working. Another bonus of working from home you do not even need to be based in the UK and you can work from anywhere in the world doing these jobs. You also do not need any previous experience or certain qualifications all you need is basic English. This will be a job only advice and not a start your own business advice.

Job 1-Cv Writer/Resume Writer

There is a very demanding service for people to write Cvs or resumes for other people. You can advertise yourself on Peopleperhour to earn to write cvs/resumes for them. You can charge around £9 per cv/resume and then you can gradually increase this amount. All you need for this type of job is to learn how to create a cv/resume and make it stand out from others. The best company to sign up for in the UK/USA is Topcv, Topresume or Purplecv. Once you have signed up to these sites they might put you through a simple test and they will ask you to provide your own cv/resume and some examples of cvs/resumes of what you have done, once all that is done they will then sign you jobs. The average pay for a cv/resume will be between £9-£40 depending on the types of customers they deal with.

Job 2-Proofreader

Many businesses need proofreaders to go over the content they create or content they get sent, to check if they have any spelling mistakes or grammar mistakes and just go over the work and make sure it’s all correct. You will need a good attention to detail and very good English and grammar. On average some proofreaders earn around £19 per hour and it could be increased if your working in a high paying industry. Anyone who wants to be a proofreader can look for jobs on Freelancer and on Upwork.

Job 3-Translation Teacher

There is a big demand for translation teachers as many people want to learn different languages or want their kids to be fluent in many different languages too. You can either do online lessons for your students or home lessons its up to you. You would need to know the language your teaching very well and also know how to translate it into English. If you want to work for a company some of them will require you to have a degree, but not all. On average online lessons will pay £11-£20 per lesson which is normally around one hour. You can sign up to preply they will attach students to your language and you will give them online lessons from anywhere in the world.

Job 4-Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants provide admin/office support to small business owners or managers that work within larger business. The general type of work you would be doing is formatting, emails, diary management, managing spreadsheets, online research for articles and presentations and booking travel for the business travel. You will just need basic office skills like knowing how to use Microsoft word, office software and good written English. The amount you will get paid really depends on who your working for and how long you been working for, the average pay is around £11 an hour. This hourly wage could be increased over time. The easiest way to get started as a VA is you can join up to a freelance website and start offering what you can do. There is three different sites you can sign up to and advertise yourself and services. The three sites are: Peopleperhour, Freelancer and Fiver. On the sites you will need to make an attractive profile, show what skills you have and what you can do. You can also search for jobs what have been posted by business owners and apply for them by making proposals.

Job 5-Writer

You can become a writer by doing article writing or copywriting. Article writing means you have to write short articles or blog posts for websites. Websites are always looking for writers to create content to entertain their readers. For article writing you will need good English and a good understanding on how a blog post should be structured and how to keep the readers engaged. Copywriters are quite similar to article writers the difference between them is copy writers will write text specifically for advertisements material for sale pages for websites or leaflets and brochures etc. Copywriters should have a understanding on how to get the readers to buy the products etc they write about. You will need good basic English and you will also need to try to persuade your readers to take on the services or buy products etc. The average pay an article writer or copywriter will get is about £3-£4 per article for around a 100 letter article. If you can write a 500 letter article a hourly wage on average should be around £17. The bigger the company you write for like a technology company you can earn a higher rate or wage due to a higher increase of sales. You can apply for jobs on Freelancer and on Fiverr. You should also make mini adverts on these sites showing what you can do or offer these companies. You can also apply to work for Copify or Textbroker they have contracts with large companies to create content and they look to hire work from home writers to write that content for them. Once you have signed up they will sign you up for work and give you deadlines to create the work they need.

Any job you apply for make sure you have a strong Cv that will stand out from the rest.