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Fifteen Halloween Activities For Kids

Bean Bag Toss Pumpkins

Carve your pumpkins into a bean bag toss game. You will need to cut a large hole in bottom of one large pumpkin and one medium pumpkin, make sure to scoop out the pulp and seeds. Cut out the faces then stack the medium pumpkin on top of the large one using skewers to hole them in place. To play the game toss the bean bags into the pumpkins mouths and you can award 10 points for the bottom mouth and 20 points for the top mouth.

Glow In The Dark Ring Toss

Buy 10 long neck glass bottles and then wrap glow in the dark sticky tape around the glass bottles and place the bottles into a triangle, buy some glow stick bracelets and get the kids to see how many they can get around the bottle necks.

Pin The Spider On The Web

To play this game all you have to do is draw a spiderweb on a cardboard or a large piece of paper and attach it to a wall. Give each kid a cut out spider with a piece of double sided tape on the back and have them pin it onto the spiderweb blindfolded. Whoever gets it closest to the centre of the spiderweb wins!

Eyeball Surprise

This is a fun and cool science experiment for kids all you need is to buy some eyeball bouncy balls and freeze them with baking soda an water, once they are frozen get the kids o spoon some vinegar on top and watch it reveal a spooky eyeball surprise.

Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Hide some halloween or spooky themed toys around the house an have the kids find them with some tricks and treats along the way and who ever can find the most wins!

Minute To Win It

Set a time for 60 seconds and set up a challenge that the kids can do with halloween sweets, you can see how many sweets they can stack or how many they can put in a bowl using chopsticks.

Mummy Bowling

Wrap up some plastic bowling pins with toilet paper or bandages and stick on some googly eyes and enjoy a round of spooky bowling.

Blind Items

Get some slimy, squishy or crunchy foods from around your home or in the fridge and hide the items inside a homemade little cupboard box so when they put their hands in. They can then guess what is inside the box or just label the spaces with the foods eerie doppelgangers and watch the kids laugh or giggle in disgust.

Popping Pumpkins

Blow up some orange balloons and tie some green leaves at the top, hide something inside the balloons halloween themed and let the kids go wild by popping them.

Bobbing For Donuts

String up some donuts on a tree and let the kids go after their own treat only being allowed to use their mouths.

Bobbing For Apples

Fill a bucket with water and place your apples inside, get the kids to dunk their heads into the bucket and bite an apple and take it out. Whoever gets the most in 1-2 minutes wins!

Spider Web Walking Game

Create a spiderweb on your floor with tape and have the kids see how long they can walk on the web without falling off, while dodging obstacles or collecting prizes along the way.

Spider Races

All you need for this fun little game is plastic spider toys and some straws, get the kids to blow the spiders with the straws over a race finish line and the fastest wins!

Make Halloween Slime


  • 1/2 Cup white washable school glue.
  • 4 Tbsp liquid starch.
  • 1 Tsp washable liquid colours. (green or orange)


  1. Shake your liquid starch before pouring it, mix your glue and liquid starch together. (it can take a few minutes before it can really come together)
  2. Add your liquid colours to the mix and add more if you want it more vibrant.
  3. Get your kids a cauldron and put the slime inside it and get them to play.

Make Spooky Fog Drinks


  • Clear glass or punch bowl.
  • Colorful drink like gatorade or kool aid.
  • Gummy worms.
  • Dry ice.
  • Warm weather gloves.


  1. Fill your glass or punch bowl with your choice of drink.
  2. Add your gummy worms to the side of the glass.
  3. Add a few small pieces of dry ice to the dink and watch it bubble and create fog. ( when using the dry ice pick it up with tings or gloves!)

Enjoy your halloween with these 15 halloween activities to keep the kids busy with lots of fun!