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Fifteen Activities For Kids At Christmas

Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Get your kids to track down their christmas presents around your home by making different clues and riddles to lead them to their gifts. You can also make it more fun by playing some jokes on them by putting fake empty presents along the way.

Christmas Bingo

You can play some fun bingo by printing out free christmas bingo cards online there are plenty of fun ones to find. If you want you can make some yourself with different words or numbers or pictures that relate to christmas. Whoever shouts bingo can get a christmas related gift.

Christmas Movie Trivia

Get the kids together in one room and get them to test each other to see who has the best holiday movie trivia knowledge. You can even go further by adding questions based on your favorite family christmas movies.

Reindeer Antler Ring Toss

You can buy some headband reindeer antlers and you can also buy some small inflatable rings and get the kids to take it in turns to see how many they can get on the reindeer antlers within a minute.

Pop The Grinch

Buy some green balloons and blow them up and you can draw the grinch’s face on them. Get the kids to see how many balloons they can pop in 30 seconds or a minute.

Pin The Hat On Santa

Draw a big santa onto a cardboard or you can buy a santa cut out cardboard, you can buy a cardboard santa hat separately or you can draw one. Place the santa against a wall and get the kids to pin the hat onto santa blindfolded.

Snowman Bowling

You will need some empty toilet rolls around ten or you can use kitchen rolls if you like, you need to decorate the rolls with colours or paint to look like snowmen. Place the decorated snowmen and place them on the floor in a row of four, then three, then two and finally one. You can get the kids to roll a small bowl and play some fun bowling.

Candy Cane Hunt

Hide lots of different flavored and coloured candy canes all around your home and let the kids go loose and try and find them all.

Decorate Christmas Ornaments

Buy some plain christmas baubles or ornaments or you can buy some bauble kits online or in store. Get the kids to decorate them with paint, glue and plenty of glitter.

Paper Plate Christmas Paints

Buy some paper plates, colours, paint, glitter and other fun christmas crafts. You can get your kids to decorate the paper plates using all the different crafts, they can paint so many things that have to do with christmas it will be a fun and happy craft.

Christmas Karaoke

Have a great sing along with all the kids and get them to belt out some famous and fun christmas songs.

Make A Ugly Sweater

But your kids some plain christmas jumpers and get them to decorate the jumpers however they like the uglier the better! You can use loads of different things like tinsel, baubles, bells, glitter and plenty more get your kids to get creative.

Christmas Movie Night

Get the popcorn and sweets ready and snuggle up on the sofa with some blankets and pillows and don’t forget the hot chocolate! Watch some of the favorite christmas movies or find some new ones!

Make Christmas Cookies

You can make your own christmas cookies or buy some plain ones from the store. Get all the kids together and make decorate some christmas cookies with icing and sprinkles.

Break The Christmas Pinata

You can buy all different types of pinatas like santas, christmas trees, elves or reindeers and you can fill it up with christmas sweets and small christmas toys and lots of glitter. Blindfold the kids and spin them round three times and get them to hit the pinata and see who can break it first.