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Fifteen Activities For Adults At Christmas

Christmas Alphabet Drinking Game

Get all your party guests in one room and you all have to go through the alphabet, each person says a Christmas related name, item, song and so on for the letter they have. If one of you draws a blank or takes too long to answer you have to drink a shot.

Jingle Bell Toss

If you have played beer pong before its the same game but with a Christmas twist. Instead of using just red solo cups use green and red solo cups and instead of a ball to throw you can buy jingle bells instead.

Name That Christmas Carol

You can compile a list of lyrics from Christmas songs and see how many each team can guess in one minute. You can make it more interesting instead of singing or acting out the lyrics, you can hum out the tune which can make it more harder.

White Elephant

With the white elephant game you can get each of your guests that comes to your party to bring a gift each, if you want instead of asking your guests to bring a gift each you can buy your own gifts for everyone. The way to play white elephant is the first person opens a wrapped gift, and the turns end. On subsequent turns, each person has the chance to ether unwrap a new present. When a persons gift is stolen, that person can either choose another wrapped gift to open or can steal from another player.

Jell-O Shot Christmas Tree

This is not much of a game, its more of a challenge. Make a Christmas tree out of Jell-O shots and see if you and your party guests can conquer the boozy Christmas tree by the end of the night.

Who Am I?

Each player takes it in turns to draw from a pile of cards with the names of a Christmas related character and without looking sticks it on their head. Guests ask each other either yes or no questions for everyone to try to guess their character.

Santa Limbo

Have your guests to put a cushion under their shirt or you can get a fake strap belly, place a limbo stick at a starting height. Then all of you can line up and take your turn, lowering it until the one winner remains.

Christmas Carol Pictionary

Write down a list of Christmas carols on separate cards, divide your guests into teams. One person draws from the pile of cards and they have one minute to illustrate the Christmas carol, whoever wins can get a bottle of wine or the losing team has to take a round of shots.

Christmas Memory Game

Pick eight Christmas images like: Gifts, Santa, Christmas tress and reindeers etc. Once you chosen your eight pictures you can draw them or print them but you need two of the same picture so you will have a total of sixteen cards. Place your cards with the pictures facing down on a table or the floor in a 4×4 layout, get each player to pick a card then they will have to try find the matching image. When they find a match they get to keep the cards and get a point, whoever wins gets a prize.

Stocking Guessing Game

Get a stocking and place something Christmas related inside and tie the top of the stocking so no one can see what’s inside the stocking. Sit in a circle and pass it around and let everyone feel the stocking for 30-60 seconds. Get them to write their guess on a card and whoever guesses it right can keep it or wins a prize.

Pin The Nose On Rudolph

Draw or print out a picture of Rudolph and then place it on a wall, get a red circle piece of paper for his nose and place a thumbtack on it or a piece of tape. Take it in turns and spin around three times blindfolded and see who can put it on the closet wins.

Guess How Many Ornament’s

At your Christmas get together or party, when a guest walks in have them write on a piece of paper how many ornaments they think are on your Christmas tree without obviously counting them. Whoever gets closet to the number wins a prize, or the rest have to drink a shot.

Christmas Movie Drinking Game

Choose a favourite Christmas movie of yours to watch like: Elf, Home Alone, A Christmas Story and How the Grinch Stole Christmas make sure you have watched it before. Write out a list of things that happens in the movie, once the scene happens you and your guests have to take a shot.

Two Truths And A Lie

Give this game a fun Christmas twist and set the theme of a worst Christmas gift ever received, have each guest come up with two truths and a lie and see if your other party guests can guess which one is the lie.

Gift Wrap Challenge

Divide your party guests into teams of two and see who can wrap a gift the fastest, with each person keeping one hand behind their back (Teamwork!). You can also make it a bit more interesting to see who can unwrap the gifts the fastest while wearing Christmas mitts.