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Twelve Essentials For Truck Drivers


As a truck driver you will always need a first aid kit to keep on you as you can easily cut yourself while rolling cages or pallets and you will have plasters etc on hand just in case. It is also a legal requirement for HGV truckers to have this on board, you can just have the basic first aid kit making sure it has plasters, dressings, sterile wipes and medical disposable gloves.


As a truck driver you might need to stay nights away from home and sleep in the cabin you should pack a hygiene kit. You should carry a toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, body wash/soap, towel, shower flip flops, toilet paper, spare clothes, baby wipes and hand sanitiser.


You will always need a Hi-Viz jacket to wear when your a truck driver and it will help other drivers to see you if you ever need to get out your truck and its dark outside or if you break down in the middle of nowhere.


As a truck driver you will need proper work boots mainly called safety boots as when you work you can drop many items or cages on your feet and these safety boots will protect you from hurting yourself. It is always a bonus if you can carry waterproof boots to as you will be working in all sorts of weather including rain and storms.


You should always buy some working/durable gloves so you can wear them while working and by wearing your gloves it will protect your hands by cuts and bruises and also keep your hands warm in the winter.


As a driver you will always need a emergency kit just in case you break down or get stuck somewhere. In a emergency kit you should always carry a flashlight, de-icer, batteries, handy tools like pliers or screwdrivers, a hard hat and pen and paper.


If you are a night truck driver you will need to sleep out in the cab so you will need sleeping gear like a pillow, blanket/sleeping bag and ear plugs. These are the most important things you will need while you sleep in your cab at night. If its winter don’t forget to bring a hot water bottle or if its summer don’t forget to bring a small fan to keep you cool.


You will be surprised to learn that many truck drivers carry portable cooking appliances with them as cooking appliances are quite important when it comes to eating as some truck drivers don’t like too keep buying food they prefer to cook their own meals so you can buy portable cooking appliances at any shop like a camping shop or you can look online, don’t forget to buy what you need for yourself to cook.


Most truck drivers rely on a sat-nav but sometimes these fail so if you can buy an actual paper map or a map of the area you will be working in it will come in handy just in case your sat-nav stops working or cant find the post code. Having a sat-nav will come in handy especially a HGV sat-nav as you can only take trucks onto certain roads and if your using your mobile google maps you cant enter the weight or height into it so the HGV sat-nav will allow you to do this. HGV sat-nav will allow you to enter the height and weight of the truck you are driving so it can avoid routes that have weight and height restrictions.


When driving a truck or any vehicle you are not allowed to be using your mobile phone at all, you can use a Bluetooth or hands free and keep your mobile on your dash so you can focus on the road and limit your distractions.


When your working away for long periods of time you will always need some food and drink to keep your energy up and fill them hunger pains. Its best to buy a insulated lunch box and a water bottle that will either keep your food hot or cold. It will also save you lots of money instead of buying meals out all the time, don’t forget to bring your snacks either some good fruit or some delicious sweet treats.


When your driving HGV trucks for long haul or overnight stays its best to bring something along with you to fill your breaks or overnight stays. You can either bring books/magazines, tablet/laptop, crosswords and also don’t forget to bring your chargers!