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Ellies’s Law

28th- August-2020

Ellie’s Law has been named after Ellie Gould, aged 17, she was a A-Level student who was killed by her then 17 year old boyfriend Thomas Griffiths. He was ordered to serve a minimum of 12 years and 6 months but has declined to reveal why he took her precious life. Ellie and Thomas had been going out for several months when Ellie decided to call off the relationship. Thomas took Ellie’s life in her home he attempted to strangle her, before stabbing her in the neck 13 times with a knife from the family kitchen. Ellie’s father, Matt Gould who found his daughter lying on the kitchen floor with the knife still in her neck.

Ellie’s parents are hoping for a change in the law that could toughen the sentences handed to minors. Under the proposal which will be called ‘Ellie’s Law’ would mean teenagers aged 15 or over who plead guilty to murder could see their sentences increased from 12 years to 15 years. The plans which are due to be unveiled next month, comes as the government also gears up to introduce tougher sentences for adults who commit premeditated murder of children.