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Earn Up To £500 A Week

You can earn up to £500 per week by helping farms pick fruit and vegetables. The UK government has announced that there is a shortage of fruit and vegetable pickers this year due to the Covid-19. Typically many of the migrant workers who come to the uk in june to help with the picking are unable to travel. People who are on the furlough scheme or students have now been urged to help the nation and get jobs picking fruit and vegetables over the coming months. If you are a student or have been placed on the furlough scheme this is a perfect opportunity to help the nation and earn a good wage. Jobs are being advertised on PICKFORBRITIAN site which was launched by the uk government.

You can narrow down your search on the PICKFORBRITIAN site by picking jobs in England, Scotland and Wales. You most likely will have to be 18 years of age, some farmers will allow 16 year olds to come and work for them. The salary will depend on your employer and the job you will be doing, some employers pay an hourly rate while other employers will pay a piece rate which varies depending on how much you have picked. All employers will pay at least the minimum wage.

Make sure you check with your employer if a second job wouldn’t conflict with any contract with them.