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Apple May Have A Plan To Replace Your driving Licence & Passport With An Iphone


Apple is planning to upgrade Iphones with technology that would replace physical documents like- your passport, driving licence and library cards etc. Apple filed a new patent that describes using the smartphone as a form of digital identifier that will allow its users to set up a verification for the documentation.

Since 2014 Apple has been phasing out the physical wallet, it first introduced Apple Pay which the users could store their credit cards. Apple also introduced last month in June 2020, to introduce a digital Carkey with BMW to allow its users to start and drive their BMW without a physical key.

In July 2020 Apple published a new patent which would lets users upload their information into the system, which then verifies the claim against other databases with access to personal records. According to the patent documents, the user will be able to use their Iphone to transmit an ID, once the user is verified, say by the Apple Watch biometrics, the ID would then be confirmed. Apple does not use the word Iphone in the patent, but instead refers to hundreds of times to devices that could be any piece of technology.

The claim consists of the user’s information that will then be added to the system such as name, address and email which will be set out to be compared to record databases.

The applications were mainly for passports, the company also detailed that it could be used for other ID like drivers licence etc. The patent also touches on the event of losing a device, which it notes owners of the device can have their information wiped to avoid identity theft.

Apple has already worked on secure ways of presenting government ID, and it has already worked with both German and the UK Governments to help local identification projects.

Apples Vice President of internet services and Apple Pay, has publicly said: ” The company wants to provide ID, but also that its difficult. Identity to be legal, it has to be authorized by the governments. We see, across the globe, many countries starting to use mobile to add a passport. You may use a mobile passport when your going through airports today, and so its moving and i think it will continue”, she added “so it’s not too far away, it just won’t be as fast as some of the other activities we have.”