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Adsense Alternatives To Monetize Your Blog Or Website

You shouldn’t always rely on Google Adsense alone to monetize your blog or website, there are plenty of other many advertisement placement options available to you. Google Adsense may be the first option for you but Google Adsense has some very specific eligibility requirements that might not work for you or vice versus. Google Adsense might have a steep revenue share or the lack of ad customization might not meet your needs. is run by Bing and Yahoo and they have ads exclusive access to any searches from the Bing and Yahoo networks, they manage high quality ads and supply ads on over 500,000 websites and its platforms and products are licensed by some of the largest publishers, ad networks and other ad tech companies worldwide. is a go to platform for contextual advertising, it means that ads on your blog will relate to the content of your blog. are optimized on mobile and desktop and has many options on how you want to display the ads. To use your website will need to provide high quality content and it also needs to have a clean, user-friendly and a professional looking design. You will also need to be mindful of what your traffic source is as requirements is that the majority of the traffic will need to come from the U.S, Canada and the U.K.


Monumetric used to be called Blogger Network and it differentiates itself from other advertising companies as it uses CPM (cost per mile) approach rather than CPC (cost per click). If you do decide to go with Monumetric as your ad partner you will get paid after every thousand clicks. This could work great if you already have an established blog traffic. Monumetric do have requirements as they require a minimum traffic of 10,000 viewers per month and the set up fee is usually free if you have 80,000 views per month but less than that they do charge a $99 setup fee. They provide online video ads, native ads, desktop display ads and mobile optimized ads. Monumetric aldo provide exceptional personal support to their partners.


BuySellAds is a direct middle person between the owner of the website and advertisers, sometimes it’s quite difficult to find direct advertisers but BuySellAds does an excellent job at providing this service. BuySellAds would list your website with all your stats and then advertisers can choose to buy a space on your page, once they make the purchase to advertise on your page you will get the choice to review the ad and you can then decide if you want it to feature on your page or website. If you don’t respond to review the ad within 24 hours the ad will be automatically be approved, all the revenue you earn will go directly to your BuySellAds account. To get BuySellAds you will need 100,000 visitors per month to even be considered, also you will need quality content and another thing to keep in mind is they only accept content written in English.


Ezoic is a certified Google partner and that means you will automatically get more ads on your website, Ezoic allows website owners, bloggers and all other types of publishers to monetize their content. Ezoic does say that they can increase your revenue by 50% once implemented on your website, they also help you test the layout of the content and the website. It uses an artificial machine learning to ensure it finds the right combination of ads to make you more money. You will still retain control of your website as you can turn Ezoic on or off as you please. Ezoic is a very easy service to use and the setup is straightforward and doesn’t take much time to do it. You can use Ezoic for free but you have to agree to a small Ezoic ad at the bottom of your website or blog and if you do reject to doing this they do have several paid plans for you to choose from.


Mediavine application process isn’t overly complicated but they do have very specific eligibility requirements. Your website will need to have at least 50,000 visits per month. If you do decide to go with Mediavine they will request to review all the Google Analytics of your website and they will verify it. They also say you will need original, engaging content and high quality and they also insist on brand safety. Mediavine will help their bloggers to monetize their work and they allow you to customize the ads placed on your blog, you can also disable ads on whatever page you choose.