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Eight Ways To Secure Your Iphone!

  • Use different passwords. Many people use the same passwords across all accounts on their iphone. The iphone has a built in password manager so you can check all your stored passwords. If you have any duplicate passwords it will inform you so you can change them.
  • Enable two factor authentication. The 2FA is a extra layer of security for your apple id so if someone knows your password they still won’t be able to access your iphone, or account as it also requires a code that is either sent to your number or email.
  • Choose a random number for your pin & use the fingerprint. Do not use a number known to you like your dob, lucky number or id number. You might have told someone else these numbers. Make sure you use your fingerprint option to so that adds an extra layer to protect your iphone.
  • Don’t automatically join wifi networks. The risk of having your iphone auto join wifi networks increases your risk of cyber criminal attacks. The cyber criminals take over your data, personal email, passwords, banking & photos.
  • Watch for fake apps. There is a rapid growth in fake apps being on the app store. When you download them they will trick you into entering personal information, credit/bank card information, passwords and trick you into downloading malware. Double check all apps even look for a link on their official website.
  • Download antivirus. There are many virus protection plans out there for your iphone. Only use the top rated & trusted ones like mcafee, avast and lookout. They will do automatic scans on your iphone and inform you if there are any problems.
  • Don’t jailbreak your Iphone. Jailbreaking your iphone is very harmful, it lets hackers access your private data also it can freeze and crash your iphone. It will cause a violation of I0S end-user license agreement and you will not be able to have any support or service from apple.
  • Keep your I0S up to date. Always make sure your running the most recent update ios. Hackers sometimes finds flaws in apples coding which they can exploit. Apple’s ios updates are a way of combating the exploits & they are always patching up holes & implementing better stability enhancements.