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Eight Ways To Protect Your Android Phone

Mobile security is a big deal probably more than ever right now. Most people live on their phones and always store passwords and credit card information and other sensitive work stuff. Now is the best time to secure these as you are vulnerable to hacker attacks and your information and data being sold or used.

There is many phones getting stolen and in the USA alone there is an average of over 3 million phones being stolen every year with less than 30% recovered.

  • Use a secure lock screen. Make sure you turn on your secure secure lockscreen, it is the first thing you should do to protect your android. You should also use your fingerprint option so someone can’t get into your phone.
  • Keep your android up to date. Always install the latest version of the software update and security updates. Android releases monthly security updates for all androids. You should not delay this update as its important to secure your phone and data. In some of the updates there is new ways of protecting your phones from hackers.
  • Prevent unknown downloads. If you download apps that are not from the google play store you could be inviting your android to malware and hackers. Android has a play protect built into the phone already to protect you from unregistered apps that are not trustworthy.
  • Download a password manager. The only way to keep your passwords safe and organized is to lock them inside a digital password manager. The password manager gives you the opportunity to manage multiple logins, sensitive notes, credit/bank card information and anything else that you need to keep protected. The password manager is protected by a password or your fingerprint.
  • Disable the smart lock for passwords and auto sign in. Android google method doesn’t use any kind of authentication on a per-site or account basis like password managers do. So after signing in to your account for the first time on your device, all of your passwords will be saved and available to see. If someone swipes your phone or finds it if you have lost it they will be able to see all your passwords and other sensitive information.
  • Two step verification. You can set a two factor authentication (2FA) to add an extra layer of protection. Once you enable this it will require two different codes from two different sources. After you submit a password, a code will be sent to you phone via an email, text or call. Once entering this code it will give you access to your account. It will provide protection so if someone tries to access your android google account you will then get a code alerting you that someone is trying to get into your account. The person trying to get in your account will not be able to get into it as they will need the code that you will have.
  • Turn on find my device. If you ever lose your phone or if someone steals it from you, you can then track, lock and erase your device. This tool gives you a back up plan to keep your android safe and your data safe.
  • Turn off location history. Turning off your location history is a must as google likes to keep a record of everywhere you go. It will then upload that information to google so it can store it in your google account. The company then uses that data to send you personalized ads, maps and recommendations.