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18 Things To Expect From The Aviation Industry In 2021

During 2020 the airline industry was shit down due to the Coronavirus Pandemic and the airline industry lost a lot of money and sales and they grounded most of their planes. Lets have a look at what we can expect from the airline industry this year.

AIRLINES WILL RETURN TO THE SKIES- During 2020 the airlines were put on hold and grounded due to the Global Pandemic. Now vaccines are being rolled out and the cases are coming down around the world, people will soon be back to flying again. Its not just the passengers that will be happy to fly again the airline staff will also be glad to be back in the sky.

BOARDERS WILL REOPEN- Many boarders around the world have closed due to the Global Pandemic and many countries are not accepting foreign people. With the vaccination rollout we hope to see progress in reopening the boarders and letting people to explore the many beautiful countries around the world.

VACCINE IMMUNITY PASSPORTS- Qantas was the first airline to announce it is looking into changing its terms and conditions to require international travellers to be vaccinated against the virus like an ‘Immunity Passport’. Several other countries have also played around with the idea of the ‘Immunity Passport’. We all will soon find out if it becomes a rule that we will need an Immunity Passport to travel.

INCREASING PRODUCTION- Manufactures of airlines are still keeping up with their plans to ramp up the productions. The Airbus has already shared that it is staying with their plans including their A320 family production rate increase.

SUSTAINABILITY INITATIVES- There is billions of pounds/dollars of different investments to create more sustainable aircrafts and fuel. There has also been many different breakthroughs with technology and the airlines have invented more things to improve the airline industry.

BOEING 737 MAX RETURN- The Boeing 737 Max was grounded in March 2019 due to the crashes which had occurred, on the 29th December 2020 it completed its first commercial flight. We might be seeing a lot more of the 737 Max flights in the sky this year.

BOEING 777X REVEAL- Boeing has revealed its new 777X it will be the worlds largest and most efficient twin-engine jet. The 777X took its first fight on January 25th 2020 with deliveries to be expected to commence in 2022.

JETBLUES TRANSATLANTIC LAUNCH- JetBlue confirmed its plans to launch transatlantic flights from London to Boston and New York JFK in 2021, these flights will be operated on the Airbus A321 long range aircraft.

BREEZE AIRWAYS- Breeze Airways are planning to take to the skies in 2021, it will be a new United States airline it was previously called Moxy. The Founder of Breeze Airways is called David Neeleman, the airline has already started pilot training and has already received its first aircraft, an embracer E195-E1.

DREAMLINER DELEVERIES- The Boeing 787 Dreamliner will see several new homes, EL-AL is planning to take on its final 787-8 in March 2021. Additionally after flying its first Boeing 787-9 in 2020, Vistara is not slowing down either with its planned deliveries of the model as it has been expecting to take on six more units. These planes will help the Indian carrier to carry on expanding across the seas following its European launch.

LIFT AIRLINES- Lift Airlines is a start up South African low cost airline which launched on December 10th, 2020. Earlier this month it completed its maiden flight from Cape Town to Johannesburg.

WIZZ AIR IN ABU DHABI- On the 15th January 2021 Wizz Air Abu Dhabi started its inaugural destination to Athens and keeping its fares quite low. The airline is also to start flights from Abu Dhabi to Thessaloniki starting on 4th February, 2021.

EMIRTAES PREMIUM ECONOMY- Emirates have finally revealed its premium economy cabin, it offers 56 seats in a 2-4-2 cabin layout. With a generous pitch of up to 40 inches, Emirates premium economy seat is 19.5 inches wide and reclines 8 inches into a comfortable cradle position with ample room to stretch out.

ALASKAS ONEWORLD MEMBERSHIP- On March 31st, 2021 Alaska will officially become a member of the oneworld global alliance, Alaska will be the 14th full member of oneworld.

NEW HAWAII ROUTES- Passengers flying to Hawaii will have more options, Hawaii airlines will be flying to the state non-stop from Austin, Texas from April 21st 2021, with twice-weekly trips. United airlines will be heading to Maui from Newark four times a week from June.

SOUTH AMERICAN STARTUPS- There will be some new carriers emerging in South America trying to make there mark in 2021. ITA Linhas Aereas, Nella Linhas Aereas and Ultra Air ill be looking to disrupt the airline industry in 2021.

BANGALORE EXPANSIONS- India’s famous tech centre of Bangalore will be having plenty of flights heading into the city. American Airlines will also be heading there from Seattle while United and Air India will be flying in and out from San Francisco.

REX AVIATIONS INTER CAPITAL OPERATIONS- Boeing is introducing its new 737-800 Rex. The Australian carrier is expecting to fly between Sydney and Melbourne from March, 2021. With domestic operations having a refined focus in a country, this project could be a major game changer.