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18 Stay At Home Valentines Day Activities For Couples

During the Global Pandemic and many stay at home orders around the world, we still want to celebrate our special valentines day unfortunately we cant go out to celebrate so here are some stay at home valentines ideas for you.

Cook a romantic dinner

Everyone normally orders in a takeaway for valentines day but you could make it extra special and make a dinner for your partner. You can make it extra special by having candles and flower petals or if you want to go all out make a starter, main and a lovely sweet dessert.

Make a valentines day breakfast

Make your partner feel special in the morning and make them some heart shaped pancakes or some delicious French toast, you can find plenty of recipes on our recipes page.

Plan an indoor picnic

In February it is quite cold outside to have a picnic outside so you can have a picnic inside where its nice and warm. You can set up some blankets and pillows and put on the fire so its cosy and warm, make a cheese board with a nice bottle of wine and have some fun.

Question game

On valentines day you can both open up to each other and get more intimate and personal and get to know each other a little more. There are plenty of what questions you can ask each other online, it will be a fun little get to know each other more game, you will be surprised to find out there’s probably something you didn’t know about your partner.

Make a cocktail

There are plenty of romantic cocktails recipes online or on our recipes page for you and your partner to create your own cocktails for each other.

Learn a dance together

When was the last time you and your partner danced together? Let alone learn a dance, there is plenty of online YouTube tutorials to learn a fun dance together, you can make each other laugh and don’t forget to crank up the music!

Have a backyard picnic

If its nice and warm where you live in the world, you can have a picnic outside lay out some blankets and plenty of pillows and you can stargaze all night with your other half and always have snacks on hand.

Create a spa experience at home

You can create a very luxurious at home spa experience for your partner by lighting some candles and run a nice hot bubble bat and have some massage oil on hand to give each other massages. Don’t forget to get some face masks and if you have a foot spa pull it out from the cupboard.

Play some games or have a video game marathon together

Grab out some of your favourite board games or a deck of playing cards and have some competitive fun. If you want you can also play video games with each other and battle it out.

Create a scrapbook together

If you have been on holiday together or have had some fun days out and took plenty of pictures, create a scrapbook of all your favourite memories it will be great to reminisce of all the special things you have done together.

Create some art

If you are good at painting or good at writing your feelings down get each other to write a poem for the other person or paint each other on a canvas it will bring you closer and you can have a little laugh while doing it.

Map out a future vacation

If you both dream about going on your dream holiday together, print out photos and locations of where you want to visit together and put it on a pin board or canvas and then you can see it everyday and hopefully visit your dream place one day soon.

Take a trip without leaving home

If you have been wanting to take a trip to your favourite location with your loved one like Italy, Venice or Dubai you can bring these vacations into your home by doing a themed night.

Order in your favourite meal

Give yourself or your spouse the night off from cooking and order in your favourite meals. If you like different things from different restaurants order them all a make it a night to remember.

Create a scavenger hunt around the house

Have some fun by creating a scavenger hunt around your home, write a set of clues for your partner to hunt around the house leading to surprises along the way and the surprises can be like wine, chocolate, flowers or a massage. Your other half will appreciate the time and effort you took to do something special and fun.

Have s’more fun

Create your own smore station by having some crackers, chocolate and marshmallows and enjoy having some smores in front of the fire or watching a movie.

Cuddle up and watch a movie

Get some popcorn and snacks ready, grab some blankets and pillows and cuddle up on the sofa and have a movie marathon.

Enjoy fondue for two

You can buy a fondue pot and grab some essentials like white/dark chocolate and a array of different fruits you can even by some marshmallows which are lovely and sweet and enjoy a fun dessert.