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15 Ways To Protect Your Motorbike From Theft

Use multiple locks on your bike

If you really want to make sure your bike is more protected then other bikes use multiple locks on your bike, its best to use two different locks in addition to your bikes built in locks. Make sure one of your locks anchors your bike to something not moveable so the thief cant carry your bike to a nearby getaway van, if you use two or more different locks a thief wont most likely be prepared to remove multiple bike locks.

Get yourself a disc lock

Most motorbike owners use a disc lock so it reduces their chances of their bike getting stolen, disc locks are excellent at deterring thieves often providing the thieves just enough reason to look somewhere else. Consider buying a disc lock made from hardened steel and is approved to recognised security standards, some high end locks can be brought with alarms built in which provide an audible alert when its being moved so it draws attention to itself.

Lock your steering lock

If you lock your steering lock it can be a first step defence and could also discourage any easy manoeuvring of the bike, it is even more useful if your ignition and steering locks are separate.

Park your bike in a well-lit area

If you park your motorbike outside a lot make sure you park your motorbike in a well-lit area, make sure to park it in a highly visible place. Some people think if they park it in a dark place not many people will see it but it provides the thief a great opportunity to spend time robbing your bike.

Alarm your bike

Alarms may seem like a good way to attract attention of passer-by’s just in case some one is stealing your bike but people that live in a busy place might not pay attention as they have got used to alarms going off so they don’t bother paying attention. Most people will pay attention if they hear a alarm that sounds like glass breaking or a trip wire sound so you should invest in one of these sound alarms.

Keep your lock off the ground

If you put your lock on close to the ground it will give the thief more leverage to steal your bike as if its close to the ground it will be easier to break. Try to keep your locks off from the ground and high up around your bike and the lock should be attached through the frame or less desirably fork or wheel.

Use a heavy-duty chain and ground anchor

Heavy duty hardened chains and ground anchors are a formidable combo when it comes to motorbike security. Either cemented into the ground itself or securely fixed using bolts that cannot be easily done, ground anchors are the last thing a motorbike thief wants to see when they enter your garage. Make sure you go through the actual frame and not the wheel, a thief will happily leave a wheel behind.

Buy quality locks and chains

When buying a lock or a chain for your motorbike make sure you buy one that’s really good and has a high rate, you can even ask your insurance company what would they recommend.

Consider removing the spark plug

It is a great tactic to remove the spark plug as it can be enough to thwart a thief. If your bike is going to be parked or stored away for a long time just remove the spark plug just make sure you plug the hole with a clean rag to prevent debris from getting into the engine.

Be vigilant

Professional thieves often find the bikes they want to steal by following them to where they are parked during the day or night. The thief then will check the motorbike to see what locks the owner has then will leave to come back with the correct tools to steal your bike. So if you be parking in a regular spot quite often be very vigilant and keep an eye if you notice if someone is following you. If you think someone is following you don’t go home drive to your nearest police station or if you can call the police and let them know the details of the suspicious vehicle following you. It is a good idea to have a neighbourhood watch groups because they are great for monitoring suspicious activity.

Install a hidden kill switch

You should wire up a kill switch or a spring-loaded switch that must be held down when the start button is pressed. Some thieves will end up leaving your bike alone if they cant get it start up.

Get a bike steering lock

Steering locks make it quite difficult for your bike to be easily manoeuvred reducing the chance of it being pushed out of sight where the thief can work on it without being undetected.

Remember to always lock your bike

Make sure you always lock up your bike securely and safely even if you are just popping into the shop for two minutes as it will only take a thief two minutes to steal your bike.

Make your garage super secure and safe

If you have a garage that you use to park your back in at night make the most of this extra security by using CCTV cameras around the garage and using a floodlight above the garage so if someone comes near your garage the will be seen clearly with the floodlight and seen on CCTV. Make sure you lock the garage up every time you park your motorbike in.

Get a GPS tracker installed

Even though a GPS tracker wont prevent your bike getting stolen it might just help you get your motorbike recovered. If you get a professionally installed tracking device it may reduce the cost of your insurance.