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Ten Tips To Boost Your Income

  • Switch your current account to another bank account as you can get up to £250 cash from your new bank for switching. Banks like Natwest & Santander and many more just check with the bank you are switching to that they still have the cash offer available.
  • Get paid for surveys & market research. Websites will pay you for filling in a survey either with cash, vouchers or rewards to your account. You can use sites like Isay, Swagbucks and Populuslive. All you have to do is sign up or register.
  • If you have an extra bedroom in your house you can rent it out by putting it up on Airbnb, also if you are leaving for a holiday you can rent your whole place out to. You can rent it out nightly weekly or monthly, it will be paid directly into your bank account. Airbnb does require verification/Id so you will know who you will be renting it out too.
  • If you have a driveway or a garage you can rent your spaces out on a site called Yourparkingspace, Parkonmydrive or Justpark. You can do this daily, weekly or monthly and get paid directly into your bank account.
  • Have a clean out of your home, closet and office, what you don’t use or want you can sell online through Ebay, Sphock and Gumtree. Also if you have clothes you don’t want or wear anymore you can sell them on Vinted, Preloved and Depop for cash.
  • Find a local car boot sale or visit a charity shop look for great cheap items and sell the items on any online auction sites for a profit. You can list the items on Ebay and other online sites that do not charge you for your listings.
  • Become a mystery shopper in your spare time. The companies will employ you to visit specific shops or pubs etc so you can rate the quality of service and the quality of the products or food. You can register to do this on Ishopforipsos and Marketforce and other great sites online.
  • Get a part time job. You can work for Uber eats, Avon or become an Amazon Delivery Driver in your spare time so you can earn a bit of extra cash. You will not need to have a weekly work schedule you can just do it when you need that extra bit of money. You can also babysit or look after someone else’s pet for extra cash.
  • You can sell photos online of many different things like holidays, plants, animals, beautiful sceneries and lots of other stuff. You don’t need a special camera or have great photography skills as long as you have a smartphone and can take decent pictures. You can sell your photos online to shutterstock, pixabay and lots of other online sites.
  • Sell your car if you don’t use it much and you can walk to work if its not to far or use public transport. You can also buy a bike or use the government bike scheme to get a bike to get around and keep healthy.