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Top Ten Car Gadgets

Owning your own car is a rewarding experience. You can make your car more adverse as technology has come a far way. There is so many gadgets out there that you can buy that are relatively inexpensive. Here are some car gadgets must haves that will take your car to the 21st century.

Dash Cam (Front and Rear) Having a dash cam is something everyone should have. It gives you a piece of mind as it records your journey whilst your driving. It can protect you against fraudulent insurance claims and disputes it can also show who was at fault.

Heads Up Display A heads up display is generally used in aircraft now they have started making them for cars. It is a nifty bit of kit it works by projecting vital information onto the inside of your windshield. The information it projects could be depending on the spec you buy is speed, gps, mileage, fuel consumption and journey distance. You can buy one that plugs into your cigarette lighter or use an app through your smartphone.

Emergency Tyre Repair Kit A tyre repair kit contains everything you need to repair your tyre temporarily. The water based foam seals punctures or nail holes and does not damage your tyre. It will only repair your tyre for a short journey to either a repair shop or if your home is at a close distance.

First Aid Kit Having a first aid kit in your car is very important. It will always come in handy especially if you have a car accident or a unexpected nose bleed or if you’re helping someone on the side of the road. You can also make a first aid kit yourself at home all you have to do is look up online to find out what is the necessary things you need. You can also just buy one that comes with the basic needs for an emergency.

Car Escape Tool Having a car escape tool will always benefit you and your passengers. Incase you get into a car accident and your trapped in your car or your seatbelt won’t unlock this tool will come in handy, it will cut your seatbelt and can smash a window. Make sure you have it in arms reach like a door panel or the middle console.

Magnetic Car Phone Holder A magnetic car phone holder instead of a suction holder is much better. A suction phone holder is not all that great as it can lose suction and drop your phone and distract you from the road. Having a magnetic one saves you this hassle it will keep your phone secure and in place.

Sat Nav If you car does not come with a built in sat nav by using your own brought sat nav is a great option rather than using your phone as a sat nav.(It is illegal to use your phone while driving). Using a sat nav will never drop a wifi connection and it always gets you to your destination, ensuring you type in the correct address.

Car Jump Starter Pack Having a jumper starter pack is a great gadget to have just incase your battery goes dead. You can buy ones that can be plugged into the wall socket or you can have portable ones(just make sure your portable one is charged before you leave home). You can also just buy jump leads too as someone can help you jump start your car or you can help someone jump start there car.

Tracking Device Having a tracking device installed in your car is a must have gadget. Incase your car is ever stolen you can track it or the company you have got it from can track it if you choose that service. You can then pass the information onto the police so they can recover your vehicle.

Car Jack Having a reliable car jack could save you time and injury. A car jack with the correct tools is a good tool to have tucked away into your boot. If you ever blow out your tyre or have a rip which can’t be repaired with the emergency tyre repair kit. You can easily change it yourself just make sure you have a spare wheel and a reliable axle stand just incase your car jack fails. It can also save you money on calling out a tow truck or mechanic.